I really like the bright bold colours and patterns on these layouts.

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Busy day today for the first years, this morning they had a great talk Matt from GFSmith along with a lot of samples to take away. The rest of the day consists of image making workshops with Mirelle, Hannah and Laura, along with layout workshops with David and Justin

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Some of my marble ink pattern visuals!

Some of my marble ink pattern visuals!

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a few photos of my visual experiments that I have created.

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DM25 - Morag Myerscough

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French Folding - book binding

a unique printing option which makes the pages themselves thicker and gives the reader more to hold on to when reading through and turning pages, also helps when printing bold imagery and not wanting it to effect the page behind it by coming through.

cross fold is when a paper is folded once, then rotated 90 degrees and folded again. The creases therefore cross each other at right angles. The most basic cross fold is the French fold, or right-angle fold. Other examples include the 16-page broadside and the 12-page letter.” - wiki

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"A fascination in making work that engages people on many levels has led me to become known as a ‘Placemaker"

Morag Myerscough


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Color Theory For Designers, Part 2: Understanding Concepts And Terminology | Smashing Magazine 

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NOITU :: Raw_Geometry [Live A.V. Performance] (by NOITU)

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BLUR Magazine is an Abstract Expressionism publication with a modern twist. It is targeted towards young adults that enjoy contemporary abstract art and decor. 

Featured Artwork By:
Michael Cina
Sally King Benedict
Meredith Pardue
Emily Rickard
Jean Miotte

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