Amazing D&ad new blood exhibition

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Well done to our level 4 students who celebrated their final hand in of first year with a riso postcard exhibition and a cheeky glass of cava, weheyyy

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Creating the Risograph Prints

Once our idea was solid and we were ready, everyone went away and picked their imagery and set it up as a greyscale PNG. This made laying everything out much simpler and everything could be put together on the page. I created a set of vectors on illustrator for the group to pick from. This meant unity among the design. I also laid out the typography to complete the set. 

When we composed the imagery, we were very happy with the way things sat together and the mockups worked very well. We are excited to print and with some advice for the Risograph printer, Mike, we made some slight adjustments to the margins and the way the blue and black bits sit together and create an exciting contrast.


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Group Project - Group 6

To design a set of postcards based on the theme of the weather.

After a lot of brainstorming and coming up with a number of different ideas, we finally thought weather idioms was the strongest idea. As putting weather into sayings.

Idioms are words phrases, or expressions that can not be taken literally. 

These phrases have been around for centuries. The postcards represent the weather in idiomatic forms using vintage photography and symbolic shapes.

The two postcards I created was ‘cooking up a storm’ and ‘on cloud 9’ we decided to use vector images for the weather and then photography for the described phrase. Above shows my process of how i created the layout for these two postcards. Then using the same vector shapes on every postcard to make them look like a set.

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Work Experience - ENVY

Envy is based in London and one of the leading Post Production Houses in the UK. Working on programmes including Factual, Drama, Comedy, Documentaries and Light Entertainment and we collaborate on design, branding and commercials.

Other than being a runner here, I was able to sit in with a few people such as editors, online and offline editing, audio, grading, editing, efx effects. to see what they was working on and previous examples such as music videos, tv programs, commercials. This work experience gave me an real insight into post and what each section involves. And as I was looking for a summer job, i luckily was able to carry on working here as a runner over summer. Which I thought would be a great opportunity to be working in a similar environment in which I am interested in. 

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Reflective evaluation of my progress through the unit overall

In this Typeradio unit, I was very excited to be doing an editorial based project. As I have never done anything similar to this before and was eager to learn more. I began by listening to the Typeradio designers, and deciding which one I found more interesting to research further into there background, personality and work, in order to get to know them well. And I researched into editorial designs and layouts to get ideas for how text and image is laid out in spreads. 

I chose the designer Morag Myerscough as I found her interview most engaging with her personality coming across as she is a passionate, bubbly designer. I looked into what work Morag has created, such as out door architectural installations which are normally temporary spaces . Also what or who has inspired her in her work because the further I would research into Morag’s life and work, I began to get a feel for her love for colour. As her twitter page is just full of hundreds of combinations of different colours. When analysing her interview more I discovered her love for colour was influenced from her family and background history and has reflected on how Morag works today. From being brought up around dyes and colours from her mum being textile designer.  

After I had done research I began doing some visual experiments using different mediums. Began with just creating bubbly patterns and splashes of paint as just wanted to explore how to illustrate her fun personality. But I needed to go deeper and looked at colour theories as Morag talks about how a tiny hue in colour makes a lot of difference with her work. How precise she is with colour. I set about doing a few experiments one with inks, water and oil and photographed the results of patterns and textures it created, and then also tried marbling inks which I found created the most vibrant and bold outcome.

When looking back at my project over all I feel I could of researched more into different paths to go down instead of limiting myself to just looking at different ways to visualise her background, maybe I could of created a stronger visuals. However I find my vibrant ink patterns worked the best overall my experiments and are really strong in my final spreads, really stand out and are big and colourful which is a massive part of Morags personality and what she loves. Morag says “ Using scale and colour which is so paramount in my work.”

Detailing my options for my final spread for the collected volume.

What I want to communicate with my final visuals is to illustrate Morags bubbly and colourful personality, and how she has been influenced greatly on her past and background history. I researched into bohemian from her upbringing and came across a lot of colour and patterns and into tie dye and inks. I wanted to create something similar to illustrate her meaningful background.

My journey for coming up with my final spreads, I began by considering how her background of her great grand dad being in the circus had a lot of links to her work now, as Morag says “ i think about scale, distances, light, the audience, time” this illustrates that her work is similar to the circus as the circus being temporary and pop up, like Morags installations, and is all about happiness and memories. In typeradio interview Myerscough talks about how she wants to make people happy with her pop up work, to have people talk and remember her work. So I started creating some colourful circus pattern visuals, but when I put them into spreads I found they didn’t fully portray Morag. So I set about doing a few different experiments with just shapes and block colours, and with the visuals i’d created in my sketchbook.

As Morag says her background is “a mix of things” So when I created these marble designs I wanted a mix of colours forming together to create new patterns. And taking the circus type designs and cutting them out of my marble inks. To have a bit of all her background - her mother always dying and using colours in her textile fabrics and her great grand dad being in the circus using shapes. And to also illustrate her fun, happy personality and her love and obsession for colour.

I created three double page spreads, I made spreads that complimented each other, went well with each other. I did two column pages some spreads using just one column as I thought to have space for my visuals and I have learnt to consider white space as well as my visuals when designing the layout of my three spreads.

I wanted to have expressive typography, big vibrant type, and used a san serif in both my headings and body text as I found it illustrates her relax yet playful tone of voice more. However I used a variation of colours at the beginning in the headings but this clashed and took the eyes off my actual visuals. So changed the headings to just one colour of blue, using the font ‘Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold’. And using ‘Avenir’ in my body text questions and “Avenir light’ in the answers of the interview. As I found I needed something really simple and floaty to link with my bold vibrant visuals. So the text didn’t over power the visuals in any way.

To conclude I found this project really enjoyable and I was really interesting into learning more about editorial design. It has got me thinking about text and image hierarchys and font and colour choices in spreads. I am overall very happy with my final spreads, I find I have illustrated my view on Morag Myerscough through creating visuals for the typeradio interview.

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The Black layer has now been added to our prints. We were given a choice between Purple, Burgundy & Black by the printer so that we could make a choice as to which looked best on the blue, but we decided to stick with our original choice of black due to its high contrast with the imagery. We are very happy with the designs and the textures and bold elements are really nice to look at and give a really authentic look and feel as opposed to standard printing. 

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The Blue Layer of our Risograph prints are done! The gradient, along with the block colours and photographs work very well! Very excited to print the black on top tomorrow!

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Postcards vs. Email. Who still sends postcards? 

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